REALTORS Advice: Why Abbotsford is a smart investment | David Crawford Real Estate Group

REALTORS Advice: Why Abbotsford is a smart investment

REALTORS Advice: Why Abbotsford is a smart investment

Looking to buy in the Greater Vancouver region? Abbotsford is one of the sweet spots where you can still find affordable real estate.

Average home price 2015: $466,583
5-year price change: 10%

While sale prices have remained relatively stable over the past five years, the sale price rose 9% between 2014 and 2015.

In 2016, we have seen record-breaking numbers of sales. Homes are selling just above list price with a median sale price of $536,000. It is a seller’s market with 10 sales for every 10 listings. *

While Abbotsford may not seem like an obvious hot-spot-to-be, it has great potential with ample residential, industrial, and agricultural land.
The ‘City in the Country’

Abbotsford is one of the most beautiful settings in the Fraser Valley. From rolling hills to extensive parklands, it is charmingly rural with city amenities. From smaller homes in the older parts of Abbotsford to newer homes in east Abbotsford to North Poplar where it feels like you are living in the country, Abbotsford is the perfect place to call home.

Live where you work

With a more diversified economy than anywhere else in the Fraser Valley, Abbotsford offers most residents the opportunity to live where than work. Most jobs are concentrated in the center of Abbotsford.

Great amenities

There are many shopping areas in Abbotsford, most of which are focused along major transportation corridors.

Phenomenal recreational opportunities

A network of recreational cycling and trail routes offer great opportunities to be active year round.

As the market in Greater Vancouver continues to heat up, family’s looking for larger homes at a more affordable prices are well advised to turn their eyes to Abbotsford.
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*Data from SnapStats for detached homes with a minimum of 10 in most instances.

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