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DIY Home-Staging Tips Every Seller Can Use

DIY Home-Staging Tips Every Seller Can Use

Thinking about selling your home? Move beyond the standard home-staging must-dos – declutter, fix obvious flaws, remove family photographs. When even the smallest detail can make the difference, what makes a home sell more quickly?

How you live in a home and how you sell your house are two different things. Here are some tips to help you tackle staging your home.

Clean, clean, clean

This sounds obvious but if it looks old or dirty – clean or replace it. You do not want your buyers to be turned off when they walk in the room or have to use their imagination too much.

  • Bring in a maid service to give your house a good once over. Don’t forget the baseboards and window frames where dust and dirt collect.
  • Clean the windows inside and out.
  • Have the carpets cleaned or replaced. Nothing turns a buyer off like stained, damaged, or smelly carpets.
  • Power wash the driveway, walkways, patio, and deck.

This is the simplest (and often cheapest) way to prepare your home for sale. Don’t skimp – this step is key.

Use only perfect personal accents

Especially in the bathroom, it is important that anything left out for buyers to see is pristine. Think white or off-white towels, fabric shower curtains, fresh bars of soap, empty garbage cans – you get the idea. Look at every detail from the buyer’s perspective – spa-like bliss is where you should be heading.

Show the potential

Show your buyers the possibilities within each space. Your home will stand out from the competition if you can cleverly show how that awkward nook can be used for a home office or a play space for the kids. A few shrewdly placed items help buyers envisage the options.

Strike the balance between clean and lived in

Standard advice is to clear away all clutter and depersonalize the home so buyers can see themselves living there. Do that. Then go back and bring in a few elements that make your home appealing. Fresh cut flowers, a bowl of lemons by the sink, and one – just one – punchy accent piece can make your home feel inviting and warm rather than sterile.

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